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We Have Done It !!

What an achievement! Congratulations to everyone who has taken up the challenge of attaining a successful future for our Party. Achievements and prospects to date are well beyond our initial plans and expectations.

When we started back in early October 2014, our plans were to (hopefully) be able to register The Mature Age Party in Queensland. That was it! To think that I would be writing to you now as National Executive Chairman. It is a great pleasure – and somewhat humbling.

Many thanks for your support through emails, phone calls and one-on-one discussions, and most importantly your registrations of interest, membership, and general enquiries. I am still working through 2000 plus emails and some 300 phone calls. It takes some time to get through…… but it is happening.

As you may be aware we have now removed our general registration application form on our website, and it is now replaced with a membership application. We now need as many as possible to join as members. Without your support we will not survive.

We feel that the membership subscription of $20.00 yearly or just $50.00 for 3 years is a fair and reasonable figure to allow everyone to be part of the exciting path that we are now travelling.
No signatures, no future commitments……just your support when and where it counts.

It makes our job easy if you can go onto our web page and raise the new form. You can select your payment option.

We have been delayed by both Pay Pal and our Bank to have Credit Card payments available it is a hope that it will be up and running by March end ,a very frustrating episode.

If you wanting to join we can hold any Credit card payments over untill we are online with a Secure credit card process ,we can invoice you later.

We are seeking your generous support and efforts to cover our operating costs (not wages just our costs). Everyone involved is currently paying for many items (and running costs) from their own resources. We could not have come this far down the track if these contributions had not been made, by a generous few.

All donations, whatever amount, will help. I am very humble in thanking those who have paid a membership fee and also have made a donation to date (or just a donation only) Thank You !!!
Sorry but we need to ensure we cover expected costs that will be incurred as we now commence to open State branches , additional insurances and administrative costs therefore wherever we need your or other finacial support.

Just a reminder no one receives any monies for doing what they are doing its done purly on a free basis.

Last week saw the formation of our National Executive which was an urgent need, as we expose ourselves to being a National body. The quality and skill sets of those involved are testament to our potential to meet current and future needs.

National Executive group details will be shown on our website very soon. There will be provision for active State delegates (from all States) on the national body, once State divisions are finalised. A planned, regular timetable is being put into place to achieve this.

The exciting task of setting up Branches within all States has commenced. State data bases are going out to selected people who have generously agreed to contact and speak to all registered Party members (or prospective members) within their State, with a view to attending launch meetings etc. If you have not received any contact yet, please be patient ….or let us know so as we can ensure you receive all the relevant information.

Rest assured your general information stays within our National data bases. To ensure your privacy, only your name and contact details have been forwarded on to our nominated State convenors.

Just an update on our Registered Party status:

  • Federal Registration: A selected 500 names are currently being finalised for application (average 2-3 months duration for registration process).
  • Queensland: Expected announcement, next 3 weeks
  • Victoria: 500 Electors required
  • South Australia: 200 Electors required
  • West Australia: 500 Electors required
  • Tasmania: 100 Electors required
  • New South Wales: 750 Electors required

Our general registrations and memberships are now approaching 2500 but we have a long way to go to gain a strong National membership and a strong State membership. As you can see from the above details, we will need your memberships, and those of others that you know are willing to join.


Selected Local Elections

Yes – We are keen to look at selected Local Council Elections to give us Party exposure and coverage. If you are keen to seek local government endorsement, or are aware of other people who may be, please ensure that we are advised through your State branch people.

State Seats (Lower Houses):

Yes – Based upon where and when, strong consideration will be given to standing in future State election.

Federal House of Reps:

Yes – We aim to run as many candidates as possible, not just to seek positions at that level, but also to improve our opportunities to have people voted into the Senate.

Federal Senate:

Yes – The ultimate goal to achieve and have Senators representing ‘The Mature Age Party“

There are some 7.1 million voters over 60 years registered in Australia. Add in the 50-years-plus voters 4.9 million) and that’s 12 million opportunities we have to be successful. That’s why we need your support and as many memberships in these and other age groups as we can achieve.

Our platforms and policies will ensure that we cover all ages from 18 years to 80-plus. That’s a very large area of support and interests,. We include the younger age groups in our platform base because these are your sons, our daughters and our grandchildren – and we are genuinely (and seriously) interested in their welfare, too……not just our own!

Given the serious situation confronting the nation (politically and economically) it is vital that through our policies and advocacy, MAP is successful, and that it achieves what we stand for and what we are setting out to do., and to change . It is NOT only an “Oldies Party”…..or a Seniors Only Party. It’s a Party set on a strong foundation, strong community values and policies, and a sensible approach towards our future prosperity.

I hope these few notes and updates are of benefit to you. Our Web Page and its content, including our Constitution, are currently being updated on a National basis. I know you will appreciate its content when completed (due late April).

Position vacant

Anyone out there who is wanting to become our Editor as such you would work closely with out IT director Jeff Crane I would think that experience in Publisher would be an indeal qualification conditions and salary are outstanding!!


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  1. Rudolf Stroessenreuth says


    I think that this is an outstanding Platform and I hope we are doing very well at the next
    election.It is about time to get a new interest in this Country .
    I am very concerned about the Migration Policy.We do not want a another Paris in our Country. Also we do not like to see a Muslim Party here inn Australia

    Good luck at the next election


    Rudolf Striessenreuther

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