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Southern media reports and polls, this week, verify what the Mature Australia Party has been hearing, Australia-wide, for the past 12 months.

Voters and non-voters around the country are fed up with how they have been treated (and are being treated) by the major political parties…..and they are saying they want things to change!

The latest reports indicate, as foreshadowed, a significant swing away from the major parties to the more representative minor parties, community group candidates, and Independents, for the July 2 election.

That can only be in the best interests of giving a bigger proportion of voters better and more effective representation –and a real voice in the way our Governments’ perform (or don’t perform) in Canberra.

Mature Australia Party candidates urge and invite all members and supporters of all the minor parties (and Independents) to join them in an informal alliance, on voting day …and afterwards, in Parliament.

We are urging our (Mature Australia) members to vote firstly for our own Party candidates, and then follow on with their preference votes in favour of the other minor parties and Independents of their choice. And we recommend that all the other minor parties (and Independents) do the same.

Individually and collectively, all the minor parties (and Independents) obviously have their own particular views (and policies) on the changes that they (and their supporters and electors) want to see.

But they have one clear objective in common ……. they (and their voters) all want changes which “the people” have been calling for, for so long ,but have not being listened to by the major parties in power.

We are asking them to unite in this effort to MAKE our future Government listen , and to respond accordingly to the will of “the people”….whatever the composition of our future Governments might be.

Mature Australia gives its firm commitment to work WITH future governments in the interests of the people….not AGAINST them, irrespective of the make-up of the elected Government – after July 2, and in future elections.

We will respect and abide by the people’s verdict on July 2.

TERRY SNELL , Mature Australia, National President.
Mature Australia SENATE candidate (Qld).

Candidates :

Terry Snell QLD – Senate – [email protected],

0408 000 038 Candidate profile

 can-QLD terry


Belinda Cameron QLD – Senate – [email protected]

0415 400 932 Candidate profile

can-QLD 03


John Cox Qld – House of Reps Wright – [email protected]

0488 184 040 Candidate profile

can-QLD john


Stuart Donald WA – Senate – [email protected]

0459 298 456 Candidate profile

can-WA 01


Patti Bradshaw WA – Senate – [email protected]

0437 064 308 Candidate profile

can-WA 02


Michael Connolly WA – House of Reps Fremantle – [email protected]

0448 686 507 Candidate profile

can-WA Michael Connolly


Stephen Veness WA – House of Reps Cowan – [email protected]

0417 969 358 Candidate profile

can-WA Steve Veness


Darryl Bothe SA – Senate – [email protected],

0433 877 110 Candidate profile

can-SA 01


Lyndal Denny SA – Senate – [email protected]

0401 146 534 Candidate profile

can-SA 02


Graham McCarthy Vic – Senate – [email protected]

0488 649 136 Candidate profile

can-VIC 06


Roy Ridge Vic – Senate – [email protected]

0439 821 917 Candidate profile



Paul Quinn NSW – Senate – [email protected]

0455 628873 (0455 MATURE) Candidate profile

can-NSW Paul Quinn


Greg Frearson NSW – Senate – [email protected]

0401 650 520 Candidate profile

can-NSW Greg Frearson


Richard Temby Tas – Senate – [email protected]

0458 311 600 Candidate profile

can-TAS 1


Anthony Hanson ACT – Senate – [email protected]

0402468952 Candidate profile

can-ACT Anthony Hanson






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