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(By S.A. Senate candidate, Darryl Bothe).

In Australia, where Nation Building projects seem to be a thing of the past and government debt is spiralling out of control, it appears that Nation Building projects are the furthest thing from the mind of our ruling bodies.

We do have our contentious NBN, but what else? What do we have to invest our hearts and souls into that we as a Nation can be proud of?


Darryl proposes that a National Water Grid should be a high priority on the Federal Governments agenda.

Water security is a national problem which has been a significant problem for many areas and States over the last twenty years.  Whether global warming or El-Nino is the cause is irrelevant because the cause is open to many varied theories. The fact remains that Australia’s population is growing and water security and thus food security is paramount to the survival of this great nation.

No doubt research should continue in earnest to ascertain the cause and best response to our experienced droughts of recent years, there remains the fact that we need food and water security. We can rely on importation of food and desalination of seawater for survival, but the energy consumption of this reliance and the overall cost of living would be quite high in comparison.


It is with this in mind that Senate Candidate, Darryl Bothe for Mature Australia calls for a National Water Grid which connects all states and territories to a grid that can be utilised to secure water for the entire population regardless of the current weather conditions in any given area.

The engineering technology is currently available to construct a system of this nature. For example, to pipe water from Lake Argyle in the top end of Western Australia to South Australia or to Perth would be an astronomical engineering feet, or from Far North Queensland to New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. The cost would be high, but the economic benefits would be higher.


What is the price going to be if we don’t? If we rely on our food security from imports? And what sort of guarantee are we going to have of food quality or lack of Bio-Engineered foods? The only way we can guarantee all of these is to produce it ourselves, under our own strict monitoring and our proven Australian standards.

Could Australia become the world’s food bowl?

Of course, it is possible, but more likely to become Asia’s food bowl and at the same time secure Australia’s own food requirements.


Yes, it would be expensive, yes, it would have environmental issues that need to be overcome, but it would create many thousands of jobs and generate many millions of dollars of taxes for the government to disburse to our ageing population, and overall, could be the saving grace for Australia for the next hundred years and beyond of our food and lifestyle security.

DARRYL BOTHE, Mature Australia Party for the Senate (S.A.).

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