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DON’T believe –or trust – any politicians who tell you they don’t take any notice of public opinion polls, before an election; they most definitely do!

The national Newspoll by The Australian newspaper, this week, pointing to a possible voting swing of 15% against the major parties on July 2 proved that conclusively.

The Prime Minister’s response that the Government could descend into chaos, if this happened, bordered on hysteria at the prospect of losing power.

The Opposition Leader’s response was no less revealing at the prospect of the monopoly-like hold of the Labor/ Liberal duopoly being at threat.

He said increased representation for the people, via Independents and the minor parties, “wouldn’t change things in Government”.

How’s that for arrogance….. on both sides? The prospect of more say and positions in Parliament for community-based Independents and minor parties like Mature Australia, clearly holds no appeal to either.

They don’t want their cosy “Canberra Club” duopoly positions of authority upset by “the people”… sir!

This sort of rhetoric by the PM and his Opposition counterpart doesn’t impress or deter Mature Australia (or other minor parties or Independents) from making every effort to bring about much-needed changes that voters throughout the country have been telling us for so long that they want.

And we don’t believe it will deter frustrated and disenchanted electors Australia-wide, either, from responding accordingly.

The interesting thing about Newspoll’s foreshadowed 15% swing away from the major parties is that apart from a very small coterie of sitting Independents (and sitting minor party MPs), most Independents and minor parties have attracted very minimal Main-Stream media interest and exposure in the election campaign, to date.

It seems that “the people” out there in Voter-land have woken up to the fact there are now viable alternatives on offer to give them the say they want ……but the Main-Stream media, generally, hasn’t yet got that message.

Hopefully, that will change in the last few weeks of the campaign, as the message from this latest Newspoll sinks in.

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