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IT’S OFFICIAL : More Of The Same!

SO now it’s official : the Liberal / Labor duopoly in Canberra have the same agenda when it comes to Budget cuts and trimming national debt – and it all centres on cuts mostly affecting those in most need.

The July 2 election campaign focus has changed from a pork-barrelling contest, to seeing who can deliver the most cuts …..but not to their own spending, benefits and entitlements of course.

Trimming back on pensioner schemes and entitlements, self-funded retirees, welfare recipients, even Medicare and aged care funding ……but not on MPs massive entitlements, tax evasion by the “big end of town”, or governments’ spending on their own services or facilities.

The latest “I can-cut-more-than-you-can” challenge to PM Turnbull by Opposition Leader Shorten (10 /06/ 20126) shows just how closely aligned the two major parties are when it comes to policies, economic strategies, their management of government affairs, and their political cultures.

A duopoly they certainly are. (For “duopoly “, read “a monopoly arrangement of TWO”).

For both the major parties, economic management cuts can only mean two things ……. either a cut in essential services or more taxes, and that’s the way this duopoly have responded, to Australians’ great loss, in recent decades. As a result, we now have spiralling national debt, growing deficits, and rising unemployment.

IT doesn’t seem to have occurred to them that there IS another way – and that is to set out, by a deliberate plan, to substantially increase national revenue ……. so that the country has the capacity to pay for the services and facilities that Australians have made it clear that they need – and deserve.

That is just one national shift in our governments’ political culture in recent decades that Mature Australia, and other groups contesting the July 2 elections, are setting out to achieve.

This is a vital election; make YOUR vote count. Make sure you vote for the changes (and the MPs) that YOU want!

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