Location:  Melbourne, VIC

Electorate: Victoria

Values: I am committed to ensuring that all people are treated in an equitable and respectful manner. I will strive for a fundamental change in the Australian mainstream political culture, bringing government back to the people. We need genuine representation and accountability to the people of who elected politicians should be privileged to represent. I will fight to ensure that promises and undertakings given to the electorate are kept and delivered.

I am passionate in my commitment to improve the current state of this great nation so that we have a decent legacy to leave our children and grandchildren, instead of the debt ridden situation that we find ourselves in.

I undertake to advance the cause of senior Australians who have worked hard all of their lives. They must be shown due respect and acknowledged for their major contributions in helping to shape this country.

Professional Background: Former Australian Government Public Servant up until 2013 working in various management positions within a regulatory and auditing environment involved with the aviation, airport and airline sector, along with maritime activities and shipping.

For 20 odd years prior worked in various management positions within the aviation sector in security, operations, operations audit, emergency management and facility management.

I am a former member of the Victoria Police from 1975 to 1988 where I undertook duties as a uniform police officer and later as a Detective.

Personal Information: Married with two adult sons and three grandchildren (another not far away). I come from a family of six children brought up in a typical family environment. I am proud of my background and have always strived to improve myself and the lives of my family.

I am committed in my desire to return this country to government for the people.  Our senior Australians must be shown respect and adequate due acknowledgement. In addition, we must take steps to make sure that this and future generations are able to enjoy a secure and decent standard of living.

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