Location:  Daylesford  Region 

Electorate: Victoria

Values: I value this country and the lifestyles that we all should be able to have. I believe that it is time for change in the political arena. I am a person who strongly believes that there are more Australians everyday who have become disillusioned with the way this country has been run by both of the major parties. We live in a country where there are families that are homeless, people who have to wait 10 years plus just to try and get public housing. We are fast becoming a country where the top end of town are getting richer without paying taxes whilst the hard working Australians are continually being slugged with new taxes.

Personal Information: I am happily married with 4 children and 4 grandchildren. I live within the Hepburn Shire, a beautiful piece of Victoria. I am also a business owner and a member of the CFA.   My decision to nominate has been brought about due to of the lack of understanding that both major parties have shown to the average Australian over the years. With both parties continually wasting billions of Australian tax payer dollars, I believe that it is time that they are held accountable and the only way to do this is for the Australian people to vote for the Mature Australia Party and allow a fresh political party with strong values bring a change to the current political arena.

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