Location: Cowan, Western Australia Electorate: Western Australia

Personal: I have spend 35 years working in the Automotive Industry. I have honesty and integrity and a very strong duty of care towards my customers.
In my life I have been married twice, I do have a daughter and a granddaughter from my first marriage. I have been engaged for just over a year now, my Fiancée and I currently care for my 84 year old mother who is one of the last original Pearsall’s of Perth I believe.
My Grandfather Pearsall was a WWI Veteran, who spend 6 years in service with a very long service record. These factors taught me honesty and integrity as well as my drive to enter the House of Representatives.

Values: All people are equal regardless of race or gender in my eyes. I belief the Australian Spirit is strong in me to show compassion and a hand up when needed. I have a strong believe that Government should give good governance for the people by the people for the good of all the people and our country.

What I stand for:

• One law for all – No Discrimination
• Major economic and taxation reforms to fund a growth economy
• JOBS for ALL Australians
• The right to freedom of speech
• Sustainable environmental processes through exclusive use of renewable energy
• Tightening of Foreign Ownership laws
• FIGHT against ALL forms of CORRUPTION
• Secure Australia’s future through investment in national infrastructure projects
• Increase public participation in governmental policy
• HONESTY and RESPECT in Government
• Transparency in government parliamentary process
• Improving domestic abuse support services
• An innovative approach to modern day childcare, after school and holiday care
• Government funded – primary – secondary and tertiary education
• Government democratically elected for fair representation of ALL Australians
• Protect and restore eroded pensioner entitlements
• NO more selling off our public assets for short term gain
• Responsible, Sustainable Immigration
• Upgrading the service levels of government funded healthcare, dental care and specialist aged care

As an elected House of Representatives for Cowan WA, Member of Parliament, sworn under oath to the Queen of the Commonwealth I will;
• Push for Change
• Parental Rights to be restored along with a fair Justice system, not a legal system
• Give the Australian People a VOICE
• Demand RESPECT from Government
• Demand a greater say for the PEOPLE
• Demand Freedom of Speech

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