Location: Perth, Western Australia

Electorate: Western Australia

Values: I passionately love the country and the people in it. It’s my belief we live in the best country in the world and I believe that it’s my job to help retain that.

I commenced my working career in 1984 at the age of 16 joining the Royal Australian Navy as a junior recruit at HMAS Leeuwin in Fremantle and have worked in the marine, property and transport industries progressing through medium, upper and executive management.

I understand what the Australian people are thinking and how they feel, the struggles and tribulations and the stress of both raising a family, paying off a mortgage, and running both small business and a corporation in Australia.

I want Australia to have honest hard-working politicians that govern for the PEOPLE, not Corporate Australia. I believe that genuine change, for the good of all Australians, can be achieved if enough people demand that our politicians, at all levels, stop playing their Party games and get down to governing effectively for those who elected them to do so.

I will fight against the government outsourcing government departmental services to foreign countries, affecting National Security, and leaving working age Australians unemployed.

We have Australians who were once in full time employment, now being replaced by foreign workers on working visas, and paid a fraction of the Australian Award wage to boost corporate profit margins. While Australians are either unemployed, or underemployed and struggling to pay the bills. This has to STOP.  I say Australians FIRST and FOREMOST!

I believe that Australians deserve a politician that has the confidence and courage to keep the government honest and to hold them accountable, to ask the hard hitting questions, be proactive in the need for change for the betterment of the people and to represent the people in an open, positive, transparent and honest manner. I have the guts, fortitude and determination to represent the people,and I will fight the government in the trenches until we, the people get a fair deal.

I will fight for the Australian people, employers and employees that are under stress from the ever increasing pressure of oppressive taxes and policies that are designed to favour the corporations and multinational organisations.

I am angered by the excessively selfish over-spending of governments on their own pleasures, services, and survival – at the same time as pensioners and others are told to “tighten their belts” and be prepared to make sacrifices.

I will fight to ensure openness, transparency in the government parliamentary process when it comes to policies that may / will affect Australia and Australians like the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) which MUST be completely reviewed.

I will demand a Royal Commission be held for the banking sectors.

Why is it that the banks are quick to cut rates on deposits, yet little to no relief to borrowers, why are Australians paying excessively high interest rates on credit cards when the base rate is at record lows.

I want to see a full enquiry into mining royalties paid by the mining and CSG companies to federal government.

ALL allegations of corruption and tax avoidance investigated.

What I stand for

  • One law for all – No Discrimination
  • Major economic and taxation reforms to fund a growth economy
  • JOBS for ALL Australians
  • The right to freedom of speech
  • Sustainable environmental processes through exclusive use of renewable energy
  • Tightening of Foreign Ownership laws
  • FIGHT against ALL forms of CORRUPTION
  • Secure Australia’s future through investment in national infrastructure projects
  • Increase public participation in governmental policy
  • HONESTY and RESPECT in Government
  • Transparency in government parliamentary process
  • Improving domestic abuse support services
  • An innovative approach to modern day childcare, after school and holiday care
  • Government funded – primary – secondary and tertiary education
  • Government democratically elected for fair representation of ALL Australians
  • Protect and restore eroded pensioner entitlements
  • NO more selling off our public assets for short term gain
  • Responsible, Sustainable Immigration
  • Upgrading the service levels of government funded healthcare, dental care and specialist aged care

As an elected Senator, sworn under oath to the Queen of the Commonwealth I will;

  • Push for Change
  • Give the Australian People a VOICE
  • Demand RESPECT from Government
  • Demand a greater say for the PEOPLE
  • Demand Freedom of Speech


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