LOCATION: Morganville, Qld

ELECTORATE: State of Queensland

VALUES: As a Senator for Queensland (if elected) I will ensure that the priorities, needs and interests of all Queenslanders are first and foremost in my mind and my endeavours, at all times. I believe in truth, honesty, respect, openness and genuine accountability by all elected MPs to the communities they are elected to serve.

BACKGROUND: I was born in Farnborough(England) in 1956 and migrated to Australia in 1966 with my father and mother (Peter & Eva) and two brothers(Keith and Peter). The family settled at East Hills, Sydney, and later moved to the Liverpool area.

My Dad (an industrial chemist) first worked with a UK subsidiary of ICI in Sydney and later started his own ground-breaking powder coating business.

My first job was as a laboratory technician at Liverpool where (in my spare time) I gained my high school and chemistry certificates at Liverpool Tech.

At age 19 I joined the Australian Army (in the Signals Corps) and served in Melbourne, Perth and Ingleburn. At age 21, I joined the family business in the plastics industry in Sydney (applying fluoro polymers to metal products).

Two years later I joined the Visy Board operation where I designed (invented) folding pizza cartons…now used world-wide. That was my first move into areas of innovation. More were to follow.

At age 24 I started my own trucking company (in Sydney) which operated nationally. (It was here that my entrepreneur bent emerged again when I invented the taut liner trailer system.

Eight years later my entrepreneurial skills came to the fore once more with the formation of Australia’s first group training organisation (a job training and placement company employing 300 people, Australia-wide). This – my first tilt at a large-scale commercial venture- was based in Perth.

AT the age of 40 I became international Vice President of Sunbio Medical Company (H.Q. in Philadelphia,U.S.A.), in which role I developed (in Perth) a system to detect illicit drugs in saliva (the forerunner to today’s world-wide drug detection systems).
Remaining in Perth (but travelling widely, world-wide) I became a member of the Belmont (Perth) Business Advisory Committee, State V-P of the W.A. Chambers of Commerce, founder and president of the China/Australia Chamber of Commerce (Perth), and chairman of the W.A. Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (based in London).

In my later 40s, I became a director of GECKO Lighting and Pearl Island Trading (operating out of China and Perth) and then a director of Mango Hill Mining (W.A.).

MY various jobs and roles have required me to travel extensively world-wide, and I have been directly involved in numerous international trade deals for Australian groups, companies or industries – especially with Chinese and South East Asian countries. As a result, apart from my native English, I speak German, French and Chinese.

My father, before his death in a road smashe (on the State’s Bruce Highway) 10 years ago, established property holdings in N.S.W. and Queensland (near Gin Gin, where I live, and at Buxton in the Wide Bay region). My Dad’s death has reinforced my resolve for firmer road safety standards.

Fast forward to my late 50’s and I now find myself pursuing the need for firm and far-reaching change in the nation’s political culture and functioning, operationally, through my role as National President of the Mature Australia Party.

It is an issue close to my heart – and in the interests of masses of disillusioned electors all over Australia (especially those in their 50s and over).

They are telling us, daily, that they desperately want and need change in how our political systems work…… which, more often than not, act AGAINST their interests, not FOR them.

I am especially concerned about the need for a more effective and equitable taxation system, responsible and sustainable economic policies which encourage growth and development not discourage it, and greater say and equity for our pensioners, self-funded retirees and genuine welfare recipients.

I met my wife Kathryn in 1980 we married 1 year later. I have three sons (Byron, Lukas and Joel) and three grandchildren (aged 7, 3 and 18 months).

I want to leave them a legacy of honesty, integrity, proper accountability in government (and government administration) ….and more genuine say for the people, at all levels and in all areas of government.

That’s what I will be working for, if elected to represent Queensland in the Senate after July 2.

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