The AIM of The Mature Australia Party is to promote, protect, secure and enhance the fundamental collective rights of ALL Australians to equal and fair consideration by governments at all levels, and more specifically people over 50yrs of age, including self-funded and publicly refunded retirees.

M.A.P. will work to ensure that future Commonwealth and State Governments never allow the authority and power given to them by the people to be acceded or taken over by any person, or organisations with a financial agenda or interest contrary to those of the people in exercising that power.

Part of its Charter will be to raise issues that affect services in all aspects of Australians’ lives including pensions ,working and retirement living standards, health care, transport, housing affordability, protections from abuse, better infrastructure planning, family welfare, education, job creation, defence and security.

It will present and promote policies encompassing (but not limited to)

  • Restoring, by Constitutional amendment as necessary, the rights of “the people” to more effectively direct and control the decisions of their elected representatives and governments, by a process of citizen-initiated referenda, or similar processes.
  • The creation of jobs by productivity and infrastructure improvement.
  • Preserving and improving services for veterans and families.
  • Stronger and more effective regional planning, development, and funding.
  • Support for all State and National Health funds.
  • Services for disabled people and their carers.
  • Incentives for jobs growth in small business.
  • Strict limitations on the sale or lease of publicly-funded and publicly-owned assets.
  • Improved State and national transport services.
  • A public register on which ALL political donations must be listed.
  • Secure, guaranteed funding for retirees (self-funded, or pensioners).
  • More firm, clear and enforced guidelines and regulations on immigration, based primarily on wealth and job-creating growth and development – and on what is in the best interests of Australia.
  • A “One Australia” policy, in law and in governance, which embraces Australians of all ages, races, ethnic groups, colour, creeds, or religions……but discriminates either for or against none.

The Mature Australia Party views Australia’s national and governmental problems today as largely economic in nature, in large part caused by poor governance, with inherent corruption of the processes and decisions of governments , maintained principally by the undue influence of “vested interests” in the workplace, business, and industry. concerned that by virtue of the dysfunctional nature of our systems of governance (as above), elected representatives currently have unwarranted power, badly wielded, to circumvent and disregard the interests of society, irrespective of society’s declared wishes or needs.

This is done by acting (or not acting) in initiating or maintaining policies and legislation which results in egregious cost and dysfunction in society, and in government.

An aim (of MAP) is to advocate the reshaping of governance by legislation which empowers the electorate , under defined occasions and circumstances, to override legislation passed by elected representatives, where the Legislature(or elected Government)are not seen to be acting (as required) in the public interest.

MAP is concerned that with the more complex nature of change nationally and world-wide today, effective governance is becoming more complex than many modern governments are equipped to handle, effectively and equitably.

Government processes and procedures have not changed at the same rate, and as a result many are outdated and ineffectual – even regressive.

MAP’s policy is to offer a level of leadership in the State and national political arenas, where it is able to do so, from the perspective of a Party of mature-age people with modern views on changes and improvements to our systems of governance, based on equal opportunity, consideration and treatment for all segments of our society.

It will be a party FOR ALL AUSTRALIANS, with its basic aim to protect, preserve, and enhance living standards, rights and equality for all, irrespective of race, colour, or creed.

MAP will support any/all political parties that respect the needs and rights of all Australians ( as per MAP’s Charter) and treats them fairly in all areas….but will discriminate in favour of NONE .

A principal aim is to correct the imbalances and lack of consideration that apply to all mature age Australians. We have (as a potential collective force) the numbers to remove governments that do not listen and/or take advice from those on the receiving end of bad legislation and governance..

The Mature Australia Party’s platform will include(among wider issues) all areas of concern that influence living costs and resultant living standard , such as electricity tariffs, water costs, insurance premiums, car registrations and licences ,and other everyday living costs.