1. The role (and primary function) of the MATURE AUSTRALIA PARTY (M.A.P.) is to protect, promote and improve the welfare and interests of all mature age Australians, and especially those aged 50 years and older, including self-funded and/or pensioner retirees. Fundamentally, MAP’s aim is to ensure that their interests are elevated to their rightful place in the political landscape and in the priorities of Governments at all levels.
  2. It will do this by:
    1. Researching any and all issues which do or could impact (either favourably or otherwise) on the living standards, quality of life and equality (before the law, in government) of all mature age people, pensioners and retirees, irrespective of their colour, race or creed.
    2. consulting, lobbying, supporting or opposing – as necessary at the local, State or national levels – any proposals, decisions or actions of authorities (government, or otherwise) regarded by MAP as either supporting or threatening the welfare and/or best interests (as above) of its membership and the sections of the community they represent.
    3. seeking election to State and national Parliaments as a forum for mature-age Australians, to ensure that their best interests and welfare are adequately and equitably aired, considered, and provided for in all future decisions of all future governments in Australia, at all levels.
    4. It is the intention of the Mature Australia Party to register (at State and national levels) as a political party, with the above-described membership (representing mature-age Australians) as its base constituency. (National registration approved April 13 2016).
    5. When the Party is in a position to do so, it will stand candidates in future State and national elections.
  3. The Mature Australia Party (MAP) is an ideologically non-aligned organisation which is not affiliated with any other political party.
    MAP will, however – as the need arises or requires it – consult with any or all other political parties or organisations which may (at any given time, or place, or occasion) raise or consider issues impacting on MAP’s members (and its constituency). This could, as judged necessary by MAP, involve MAP either supporting or opposing other established political parties or groups (either inside or out of Government and/or Parliament).
  4. Irrespective of these actions or involvements, however, MAP’s political neutrality will be preserved at all times.Its continuing sole political emphasis and imperative, at all times, will be the best interests and welfare of all mature aged Australians.To further ensure this, current paid-up members of any other political party will not be eligible to become a member of MAP, unless or until they cease membership of the other Party.