Our Vision

Map’s Plan for the future

There is more to MAP (the Mature Aussie Party) than just a name. Certainly, the name very clearly spells out who we are and what we stand for….

And that is for all mature-age Aussies who believe they are entitled to more effective and equitable representation by those we elect, and more say in the decisions of our parliaments and governments.

But MAP takes the issue – and its commitment – a stage further. We believe governments have to start acting – not just planning – for many decades and generations ahead….not just for their next election cycle.

MAP believes that we have bogged down, for too long, in short-term policy and decision making in our political and governmental systems and processes – instead of offering positive actions and initiatives to secure long-term goals.

On the positive side, MAP is advocating, and wants to see:

  1. A turnaround in the Australian economy centred on increasing sustainable growth, productivity and national revenue – rather than spreading resources more thinly to meet increased demands, across the board, from a static or even dwindling revenue pool.
  2. As part of this, a commitment to encouraging and initiating sustainable development and investment – and a much greater emphasis on infrastructure development(including water conservation and usage) nationally.
  3. We want to see a greater emphasis on taxation equity across all private, public and business income earners. We want to see an INCREASE in the Government’s revenue pool by eliminating tax evasion and simplifying our current taxation provisions.. private,business, and public.
  4. We demand greater government support for volunteers and volunteer organisations which now save the national economy billions of dollars a year, by their efforts.
  5. We want to see a commitment to genuinely trimming – and eliminating in many cases – areas of massively wasteful government spending,and the totally unnecessary duplication of government services (State and Federal)…again, at massive cost.
  6. There needs to be an end to placing disabled YOUNG people in full aged care facilities because of inadequate facilities, now, for the young..and training support schemes for them must be updated and increased also.
  7. MAP wants to see an integrated national energy program drawing on Australia’s ample reserves of high quality coal and natural gas, and our acknowledged potential in areas of solar, wind and water power generation. It should not be – and MUST not be allowed to become – a question of “either –or”. We are rich in ALL of these natural resources – and we must use them all.
  8. We want to see a national superannuation scheme, administered by a genuinely independent national government agency, which is – by its structure and rules, set by the electorate through their Parliament – unable to be accessed, manipulated, or otherwise exploited, or its funds misused or tampered with by any future government of any political persuasion.
  9. There must be greater certainty and security to protect the pensions and/or other entitlements for all pensioner and self-funded retirees, based on levels of income and entitlements which are both sustainable for the nation, financially – and equitable as a livable income for recipients. We want to see genuine equity applied in the way we treat our “oldies” who have given generations and decades of their efforts to make Australia what it is today. AND that, in income terms, ISN’T 10% of what a first-term back-bench Federal MP receives…. or a pension entitlement 12% below the acknowledged “poverty line” income in Australia today!

Recurring droughts and water shortages which are holding back ( even crippling ) our primary and secondary production, sapping the life out of our rural communities..even impacting on our mining industries and our urban lifestyles…. are among the most serious issues facing Australia today.

MAP wants to see a long-overdue national infrastructure scheme implemented to harness, conserve and use our abundant national water resources across the nation, as a major commitment to rival – even exceed – the Snowy Mountains Scheme of the 40s and 50s.

Viable and sustainable schemes and options ARE available and we HAVE the expertise, the people and the capacity to do this.. but for many decades now we simply haven’t had the political WILL to go ahead and do it, as a national imperative. That must change!

If we can spend – as we did a few years ago –more than $42BILLION dollars to provide handouts to taxpayers and householders.. build schools halls, even where they weren’t needed..and undertake an ill-planned housing insulation scheme which had to be abandoned as a failure —- then SURELY we can spend this much, and more if necessary, to solve Australia’s water supply problems and needs for decades, generations, maybe even centuries to come?

This represents, perhaps more than anything else, the sort of forward-looking changes we want to see in the culture and modus-operandi of our political, governmental, and parliamentary systems in Australia. THIS is why MAP presents itself as a “Party for change”…. a revolutionary force, if you like…but one seeking a PEACEFUL revolution, not one of continuing conflict!