Benefits of Continually Recruiting New Members for Your Political Party

If your political party is to grow, you will need to keep on recruiting new members. Remember, one of the ways in which political party strength is measured is through the membership numbers. A party with many numbers is regarded as a stronger party than one with just a handful of members. Furthermore, a party with more members is likely to do better financially than a party that has just a few members. This is because political party members usually pay membership fees. And a party with many members is obviously likely to raise more money (in terms of membership fees) than one with just a few members.

Here, it is important to understand who the average political party member is. The average political party member is usually a working class person, a person whose finances are difficult. He may, for instance, be someone working at Darden restaurants. This means that he has to visit the Darden login page, to get his paychecks. Yet the state of his finances is likely to be perpetually precarious. For every time he goes to the krowd employee login page, signs in there and checks his paystubs, he is likely to find rather modest earnings, after taxation and other deductions. Yet it is from those modest earnings that he has to pay all his bills, and remain with something to cater for things like political party membership fees payments. So the membership fees to be charged have to be modest. Therefore your focus has to be on recruiting as many members as possible, so as to maximize on the amounts of money you stand to collect through membership fees. It is a volumes vs margins situation.

The objective in recruiting many members for your political party is, of course, not just to maximize on membership fees. There are other benefits. For one, if a party has more members, it means that there are more people to sell its agenda on the ground. And when the time for political campaigns comes, a party with more members will have more volunteers to campaign for its candidates. Then at election time, it will have  more volunteers to protect its vote.