Building Up a Political Party for Posterity

It is possible to build up a political party for posterity. This would be a party that outlives its founders. It would be a party that continues to be in existence for decades, or even for centuries. We have seen political parties — like the GOP and Democratic Party in the US or the Labor Party and Conservatives Party in the UK — that have lasted for centuries. Yet some of the parties that were formed at the same time as the Democratic Party or the GOP in the US never lived beyond a decade. So what is the secret behind the parties that survive and thrive for long? Well, the answer is usually in the fact that the founders of such parties focused on setting up institutions for posterity.

In practical terms, if you want to build up a political party for posterity, you need to:

  1. Write a truly good constitution for the party
  2. Ensure that the party is based on a clear (and appealing) ideology
  3. Ensure that the procedures for electing party officials are good
  4. Ensure that the party holds regular meetings, especially for the officials and the delegates
  5. Establish a well-functioning secretariat for the party

Admittedly, building a political party for posterity is not easy. Initially, the people you establish the party with may not share the same vision with you. Some may view participation in party affairs as a fun way to spend their time. For instance, you may find someone who, having failed to complete the fx networks activate device process, decides to pass by the party secretariat, to spend the spare time there. Needless to say, such individuals are unlikely to have the commitment that is necessary in building a political party for posterity. So you may find yourself having to carry a bigger burden, in terms of responsibility, than other party officials (if you are the one who has the vision of building up a party for posterity). But you should get encouragement in the fact that there is probably no greater joy than that of creating an inter-generational institution – you know, an institution that outlives you.