Setting Up an Anti-Corruption Political Party

Many nations in the world struggle with corruption-related issues. Therefore, one way to succeed in politics is by setting up an anti-corruption political party. Many people, tired of the corruption they see around them, would more than willing to vote for a party that has a strong anti-corruption agenda. Actually, many people would be willing to go a step further, and contribute their money to finance the activities of a political party that has a strong anti-corruption agenda. You could even get quite a few who are willing to donate their time, to campaign for the party or to serve as volunteers for the anti-corruption party.

The party’s manifesto needs to elucidate the corruption issue clearly. It needs to show people how corruption is affecting them personally. In doing this, it is important to remember that you are dealing with a huge cross-section of people. One of the people reading the manifesto may, for instance, be a recent college graduate who, thanks to corruption, can’t get a job. Another reader may be a high-flying worker at, say, Delta Air Lines who gets decent paychecks through the airline’s HR portal (at, but who, thanks to corruption, can’t get the government services she deserves. Yet another person reading the manifesto may be a rural-based farmer who, thanks to corruption, can’t get the subsidies or markets for his products he deserves. Therefore, in creating a manifesto for an anti-corruption political party, you need to be sure that you can capture the aspirations of such a broad cross-section of people.

Needless to say, the officials you elect/appoint to run the affairs of the party need to be folks who are untainted by corruption.

And the anti-corruption messaging has to be consistent, if it is to sink in and start attracting people.

Of course, it is important to be ready for the backlash. Once it is realized that party has a genuine anti-corruption agenda, it is likely to attract opposition and powerful enemies from unexpected quarters.

The Problem With Single-Issue Political Parties

There are certain political parties that are wholly focused on advocating for a single issue. Such parties are (appropriately) referred to as ‘single-issue political parties’. In every mature democracy, you are likely to find at least one or two such parties. Even in growing democracies, you will occasionally find single issue parties. Some may, of course, be named in a manner to suggests that they have broader agendas. But when you dig deeper, you realize that they are entirely and wholly focused on a single issue.

Not being taken seriously

The main problem that single-issue political parties face is in that people don’t take them seriously. Actually, the only people who seem to take the single issue political parties seriously are their founders, and the few members they manage to attract. The rest of the population will listen to the issues raised by the parties, but they don’t see why they should join (or support) political parties that are wholly and entirely dedicated to advocating for a single issue.

Struggling financially

Single issue political parties tend to struggle financially. It is hard for the big donors to open their purse strings to such parties. It is even harder for individual ‘small’ donors to give their hard-earned cash to such parties. The individual donor can’t, for instance, fathom how he would visit the mygiftcardsitebalancecheck page, and check his gift card balance  — with a view of donating his gift card cash to a political party that is entirely and wholly committed to advocacy of a single issue! Such a potential donor is likely to think of a thousand other ways in which he could use his gift card cash (at

Single issue parties worth supporting

But truth be told, there are certain single-issue parties that are worth supporting. In some nations, you look around, and realize that there is a single (main) issue that is hindering progress. The issue in question may, for instance, be corruption. In that case, it would surely make a lot of sense to support a single issue political party that whole and entirely supports an anti-corruption agenda.