Conflict Of Interest !! Ray Stevens

 Here we have another classic example of the Queensland Liberal National Party arrogance and attitude towards the voters of this great State,how can a Member of Parliament openly state that he has outside financial interests  in a consortium to construct a ‘ Sky Rail .What does this Ray Stevens want !! to be .this is just another disgraceful snub at Queensland voters .

This is the same person who at present receives a $265.000 annual  salary plus additional add on just remember a MP only pays tax on his Salary all other financial gains being on various other Government bodies are tax free, add a car free petrol etc etc and  here we have someone who thinks its not a problem to double dip .

But we have a premier who actually agrees with this stating the its OK  “The Integrity Commissioner” has cleared and accepted that it is not a conflict of interest !! what a great position this is and who in the hell is this another LNP placement ?? for the boys .

What a joke the Premier stated that member for Mermaid Beach  Ray Stevens  would not be moonlighting as a lobbyist, Mr Stevens claims he will be totally transparent,accountable and honest in regarding this situation for me as the member for Mermaid Beach.

Lets make our mind up Mr Ray Stevens A member for the people of Mermaid Beach  or a Cable Car owner ,you can be promised that the Mature Age Party will be standing in the  Mermaid Beach  Seat t next Year.

Want  A VOICE !!  vote    The Mature Age party