Getting Candidates to Run On Your Political Party’s Tickets

One of the ways in which the strength of a political party is gauged is by looking at the number of candidates (in elections) who run on the party’s ticket. A party that attracts many candidates to run on its tickets is regarded as a stronger/better party than one that only attracts a modest number of candidates. Furthermore, the higher the number of candidates who run on your party’s ticket, the greater the probability of at least some of them winning the seats they are running for. And once a party has a sizeable number of leaders elected on its ticket, it starts being regarded as a force to reckon with. This, of course, only applies in true multiparty democracies – not in de facto single party states (like China) or two party systems (like the USA, where it is very hard for third party candidates to win any seat).

Now to get a huge number of candidates to run on your political party’s tickets, you need to:

  1. Get many people to know about the party: as a greater number of people get to know about your party (and what your party stands for), you will naturally start to see more and more people expressing interest in running on the party’s tickets in elections.
  2. Charge modest nomination fees: this especially makes sense if yours is a new/young party that is still trying to gain traction on the ground. You have to understand that some of the potential candidates are likely to be people of modest means. You may, for instance, even have some liteblue usps employees (that is, rank and file employees at USPS) expressing an interest in running on your party’s ticket for various positions. These, obviously, are folks who only get modest paychecks through the USPS HR portal — at If you charge heft nomination fees, such candidates may not afford them. They may subsequently opt for parties charging lower nomination fees, or simply run as independents.
  3. Conduct free and fair nominations: this will enhance candidates’ confidence in your political party. As a consequence, you are likely to see more and more people expressing interest in running on your party’s ticket in the future.