How to Establish a Political Party Secretariat

One the key steps, while setting up a new political party, is that of establishing a secretariat. The secretariat is meant to serve as the nerve center, from which all the party’s activities are run. It would be very difficult to run a political party in the right manner without a secretariat. The secretariat is the hub, from which all the party’s activities are carried out. The establishment of a political party secretariat usually entails:

  1. Acquiring the premises to house the secretariat: this may entail renting the premises to house the party secretariat. Alternatively, the members may contribute enough money to finance the outright purchase of the secretariat building. Another option is that of having a member who happens to have some idle office space donate it to house the party’s secretariat. All said and done, the party needs to have some physical space on which to base the secretariat.
  2. Electing the officials to be in charge of the secretariat: usually, a political party’s secretariat is headed by the party’s secretary general. So elections may have to be held, for the secretary general to be elected. He would then be deployed to run the secretariat.
  3. Hiring the staff to run the secretariat: the party’s secretary-general can’t run the secretariat on his own. He needs professional staff to assist him. These may be full-time employees, who are paid from the party’s coffers. Therefore, the idea of the party having to sign up for a Securitas Epay account (for purposes of secretariat staff payroll processing) wouldn’t be as unbelievable as it sounds. Under that scheme, the party’s accountant would have to be regularly visiting the paperlesspaytalx login screen, signing in, and proceeding to submit the staff’s payroll data for processing. This, in a nutshell, is to say that the party secretariat should, ideally, be very professionally run. Of course, rather than hiring staff from outside, some party members may volunteer to run the secretariat – making it possible for the party to save considerable sums of money.
  4. Getting the party members to know about the secretariat: once the secretariat is up and running, the party members need to know about it. Then they can be in a position to visit it (or call it), whenever they have any party-related issues they need to be addressed. Ideally, an effort should be made to get the official opening of the party secretariat covered by the national media. That way, many people will get to know about the secretariat.