How to Keep in Touch With Your Political Party Members

It is important to ensure that you maintain contact with your political party members. That way, you would have an easy time mobilizing them, whenever you need their support. For instance, if need arises to mobilize your political party members for a demonstration, and you have been maintaining contact with them, you would have a very easy time. Or if an impromptu election is called (say, following the resignation of a sitting MP/congressman), and you have been maintaining contact with your party members, things would be easy for you. You would then have an easy time mobilizing the party members — whom you have been maintaining contact with — to serve as campaigners and election day volunteers for your candidate.

Some of the specific ways in which you can keep in touch with your political party members would include:

  1. Through social media: for instance, you can create a Twitter account or a Facebook group, and encourage your party members to be followers/members. Then you can be updating them on party affairs, and generally maintaining contact with them, through those channels.
  2. Through mainstream media: you can set up a radio station or TV station dedicated to party affairs. Then you can use this channel to maintain contact with the party members — and possibly recruit new ones. (In this era of digital radio/TV, setting up a station is not as expensive as it used to be).
  3. Through a newsletter: you can be mailing a newsletter to the party members on a regular basis, and thereby maintaining contact with them. You can opt for either a print publication of a web-based newsletter. If, for instance, you have a web-based newsletter, there would be a chance of the party members getting to view it while trawling through the Internet for other stuff. For instance, a party member who works at, say, CVS Health may have gone online to check her work stuff on the mycvshr portal. Then, having gotten whatever she wanted, she may decide to browse around in search of other interesting stuff. If you have a web-based newsletter for your party, there would be a chance of her getting to view it then.
  4. Through regular rallies: you must move past the idea of only holding political rallies whenever there are upcoming elections. Instead, it would be better to be holding regular rallies, just to maintain contact with your party members (and possibly recruit new members in the process).