LawThe Mature Australia Proposes:

  1. That a national review be undertaken of all Australian law (local, State & Commonwealth) to remove all provisions which discriminate inequitably, or or against any individuals or sections of the Australian population in relation to conditions, penalties or privileges on the basis of colour, race, religion, or creed.
    There cannot be different laws for different ‘classes’ or categories of Australians….based on these criteria.
  2. Other than to redress discrimination or disadvantage, to the extent that the Australian Constitution may be considered to allow for this, the Constitution should be changed.
  3. That all Australian residents, irrespective of their colour, race, religion or creed, be required to comply with all laws promulgated and in force on this basis, to assist and promote genuine assimilation and reconciliation among all races and ethnic groups in Australia’s acknowledged multi-racial, multi-national society.
  4. That Australian citizens travelling or residing, temporarily or permanently overseas be required to respect and comply with the laws of the country in which they are travelling or residing. Conversely, overseas nationals travelling or living in Australia must be similarly obliged to respect and comply with Australian law.
  5. That, notwithstanding Australia’s rights and obligations to seek clemency or to provide appropriate or justifiable assistance for Australian lawbreakers abroad, Australia must at all times maintain the principle of respecting the rights and laws of other countries in which such offences by Australian citizens may occur.
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