The Mature Australia Party’s policy on immigration (broadly) focuses on and supports

  1. The principle of specific limits on immigration sufficient to maintain Australia’s lifestyle, social and cultural well-being, development and growth, population, and economic viability to sustainable levels and standards.
  2. Migration to Australia by migrants who can contribute to and enhance the nation’s professional, trade, and social workforce skills, its economy, culture, and lifestyle.
  3. Provision, and compassion, for asylum-seekers and others who can be (and ARE) established to be genuine and legitimate ‘refugees’ fleeing from the ravages of war, life-threatening violence, discrimination, personal persecution, or worse in their countries of origin.
  4. Family reunion immigration for foreign nationals approved for entry into Australia.
  5. Migrant intakes to bolster Australia’s best interests nationally, internationally, socially and culturally, and specifically in the areas of professional expertise, workplace skills, development, employment and productivity.
  6. A condition of permanent entry into Australia, by any migrants, to be either an established understanding of and fluency in spoken English – or a capacity to attain such fluency within a fixed period on entry, via Government-funded English language courses.
  7. A formal commitment to abide by all Australian law (and rules and regulations under it), irrespective of any conflicting laws or cultural differences pertaining to their own personal religious beliefs, or religions with which they may be (or may have been) formerly associated.
  8. Approved migrants on temporary or special visas must live in Australia for a minimum of FIVE YEARS with an unblemished criminal record, to qualify for consideration for permanent residency and/or Australian citizenship.
  9. Any approved migrants (and/or temporary residents) on visas as above who are found guilty of committing a criminal offence during the qualifying five-year period, be deported to the country from which they came to Australia.
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