1. That a retirement pension, based on workers/ taxpayers’ contributions during their working life, is a RIGHT of all taxpaying Australians….not a privilege (Successive governments have spent money contributed for pensions, since the switch to merging contributions, along with general taxes rather than keeping the money in a separate Social Security fund.)
  2. That the maximum single weekly age retirement pension, applied as the base for all Commonwealth pensions (and allied State payments) be immediately raised from below the national poverty line to a level equivalent to 75% of the official minimum wage of working Australians. (An increase to $480.67 a week.)
  3. That pension rates should increase in future by the same percentage as increases decided by the Commonwealth Remunerations Tribunal for salaries (and related income entitlements) of Parliamentarians and senior appointed public officers.
  4. That future determinations by the relevant State and Commonwealth Tribunals or Commissions, on pension levels for non-parliamentary (or public office) recipients also should apply the same percentages as those applying to increases for Parliamentarians and senior public officers.
  5. That the terms, conditions, scope and level of special benefits or entitlements to retiring Parliamentarians (and related benefits for retiring Public Officers) be restricted to the SAME – in type and range of benefits, quantum and percentages – as those applying to other community retirees….either self-funded or pensioners.
  6. That the above, including the removal of all special or additional benefits not enjoyed by other retirees in the general community, take effect immediately in relation to MPs or senior Public Officers retiring from their positions, either voluntarily or by removal from office, by the electorate or by other circumstances.
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