Declaration and honesty requirements

The Mature Australia Party proposes

  1. That Constitutional reform (State and Federal) be implemented to entrench the rights of the public (and electors) in respect of authority to govern, governments’ obligations to reflect the will of the electorate, and the accountability of Government TO THE PEOPLE.
    (That is NOT strictly adhered to, now, either on the question of electors’ rights or Governments’ accountability). That under such Constitutional reform (as above), governments be required to serve the full term (to the day!) for which they are/have been elected, and the date of such elections be as prescribed by Constitutional amendment not by the whim of either Parliament or the Government of the day, at any level.
  2. (No government, perceived by the electorate to be performing badly, dishonestly, behaving badly, or not enjoying public favour or confidence, should be able to call elections either earlier or later than the scheduled 3-year or 4 year period for which they were elected, to gain undue advantage over opponents, in breach of the term of office voted on by the people. This is possible now, and is regularly enacted, on the whim of either the incumbent government or a dominant party in any such government, so as to gain or regain unearned political support or advantage, contrary to the public interest or wishes as expressed by the electorate at that time. This, if it is submitted, represents a deliberate prostitution and subversion of electoral processes and electors’ rights to good and fair government, on the basis of electors’ declared wishes at election time).
  3.  That political parties (or other candidates) contesting elections be required to lodge with the relevant State (or Commonwealth) electoral authorities, formal policy documents including a formal list of any pre-election promises to be registered (with the electoral authorities) as valid contracts with the electorate, and which elected MPs, parties and governments would be required(by the Act) to adhere to.
  4. There should be procedures under which (after election), electors could seek redress from parties and/or governments which fail to live up to (or break) promises or commitments so declared prior to the election. Public advertising by political parties or candidates, pre-election, should be required to meet defined �?truth in advertising’ standards open to challenge for dishonesty, defamation, discrimination or dubious intent in relation to advertised claims, proclaimed commitments, or promises that they can’t or don’t intend to keep.
  5. As it now stands , there is next to NO public redress available (for most people) other than withdrawing support at the NEXT scheduled election for electors duped by false or meaningless pre-election promises or false ,misleading or defamatory claims made in approved advertising. That Commonwealth elections (for all members in both Houses of Parliament) be held simultaneously (same day) at the end of each term as prescribed by specific authorizing legislation.
  6. That State elections (in each State) similarly be held on the same day at the end of each prescribed term.
  7. (Savings in public funds and resources, in every aspect of campaigning, and the holding and deciding of election results, at both the State and Federal levels, would be enormous.)