(1)   To eliminate/minimise duplication.

(2)   To reduce Government spending and waste.


  1. A national Royal Commission (or similar process with REAL authority) be established to examine ways to reduce and/or eliminate duplication and wastage of Commonwealth and State spending of public resources (financial and otherwise).
  2. This review include all known or recognised benefits and/or entitlements (including and outside of salaries) available to all elected Members of Parliament and government at all levels, and to all elected or appointed Public Officers within the government (public) service and its agencies and responsibilities.
  3. Such review include reducing (from the official list of 1192 documented at February 2015) the number of non-Departmental organisations funded from Commonwealth departmental budgets and resources, for regulatory, advisory and/ or other services.
  4. Any savings (in reducing duplication and financial wastage, as above) be applied to the provision of additional development and employment (including public infrastructure development) and/or support services in areas of defined need, in all States and Commonwealth Territories.
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