The Mature Australia Party proposes the establishment of a national system of health clinics for the ageing, similar in style and operation to post-natal clinics for babies and their mothers.

Nurse practitioners experienced in the relevance health care regimes, with the capacity to call on specialist medical care and facilities as necessary, would operate the proposed clinics (like the baby clinics).


Many health issues affecting older Australians are the result of very particular lifestyle issues: including diet, exercise, physical and mental degeneration, loneliness etc.

The role of the clinics for the ageing would be to monitor their clients on a regular basis and to provide a point of contact for information and help in living life to the fullest.

There could often be a significant cost saving by dealing with many health issues through these clinics before they become serious and this would take the pressure off costly doctor and hospital services. However, access to special (or specialist) medical help, when needed, would in no way be restricted by the operation of such clinics.

Regular health monitoring is proven to greatly reduce serious health issues in all age groups.

With the family home remaining exempt from the pension assets test, there  will be an increasing number of retirees wanting to stay in their own homes, which often isolates them from the care they need.

The aim would be to provide a much better lifestyle outcome for older Australians.