Setting Up an Anti-Corruption Political Party

Many nations in the world struggle with corruption-related issues. Therefore, one way to succeed in politics is by setting up an anti-corruption political party. Many people, tired of the corruption they see around them, would more than willing to vote for a party that has a strong anti-corruption agenda. Actually, many people would be willing to go a step further, and contribute their money to finance the activities of a political party that has a strong anti-corruption agenda. You could even get quite a few who are willing to donate their time, to campaign for the party or to serve as volunteers for the anti-corruption party.

The party’s manifesto needs to elucidate the corruption issue clearly. It needs to show people how corruption is affecting them personally. In doing this, it is important to remember that you are dealing with a huge cross-section of people. One of the people reading the manifesto may, for instance, be a recent college graduate who, thanks to corruption, can’t get a job. Another reader may be a high-flying worker at, say, Delta Air Lines who gets decent paychecks through the airline’s HR portal (at, but who, thanks to corruption, can’t get the government services she deserves. Yet another person reading the manifesto may be a rural-based farmer who, thanks to corruption, can’t get the subsidies or markets for his products he deserves. Therefore, in creating a manifesto for an anti-corruption political party, you need to be sure that you can capture the aspirations of such a broad cross-section of people.

Needless to say, the officials you elect/appoint to run the affairs of the party need to be folks who are untainted by corruption.

And the anti-corruption messaging has to be consistent, if it is to sink in and start attracting people.

Of course, it is important to be ready for the backlash. Once it is realized that party has a genuine anti-corruption agenda, it is likely to attract opposition and powerful enemies from unexpected quarters.